Icelantic 2014/2015 Lineup

This year’s ski season is right around the corner, well at least for those of us in the Northern hemisphere. And Icelantic has just recently rolled out their new line of 2014/2015 skis in their annual, artistically driven series of skis.

The 14-15 line of Icelantic Skis are themed “Return to Nature.” The designs by Travis Parr and Parr Studios focuses on symbols of landscape of mountains to oceans and forests, and the balance between landscape, animals, and nature. Icelantic reminds you to stop and listen to the nature around you, after all, that is one of the reason we all ski, correct?

The Vanguard


A new ski for the 2014/2015 season is The Vanguard, an awesome new backcountry ski. Icelantic instilled solid construction known as their “bombproof” construction with an

inner “Ochroma Core,” which keeps the skis sturdy, yet lightweight. The Vanguard is designed to be utilized for not only touring down the mountain, but upward as well! The underfoot measurement is 107mm and there is 7mm of camber. Unlike other skis in the Icelantic 2014/2015 line, The Vanguard has a flat tail and early rise nose.

The Vanguard Specs

Vanguard Skis specs

The Vanguard is an awesome new ski in the 14/15 line. Be sure to demo one at your favorite ski area this winter.

Here is a picture of the lineup of 2014-2015 skis as they appear on Giclee prints by Parr Studios:

14-15 Icelantic giclees

Here is the complete list of the rest of the skis in the 2014-2015 series. Most of these will be familiar from the older models, the difference as you can see is the new artwork and of course the afore mentioned “The Vanguard” model.

1. Gypsy – Bouncy, playful ski with reverse camber rocker. Good for park and spinning.

2. Keeper – Designed to haul down the mountain. Period. Fast, sleek, sturdy.

3. Shaman – Top notch all mountain ski for powder and carving. Also twin tipped should you end up going backwards. You’ll recognize the familiar tip shape of the Shaman.


4. Nomad RKR – Balanced, all-mountan ski. These are my go-to skis for all conditions for intermediate to early-advanced skiers.

5. Oracle – Strong enough for a man, and pH balanced for a woman. The Oracle is the women’s all-mountain ski. Icelantic cares about the types of skis designed for women too! Twin tipped all-mountain ski with medium flex.

6. Pilgrim – If you love pumpkins, you’ll love the Pilgrim, because this ski loves to carve! Flat tails, so don’t go backwards in these great skis.

7. Da’Nollie – Just as the name implies, these skis are made for park, pipe, and those of you who turn your town hall stairs into your own personal terrain park. Bro-brah approved.

8. Scout – The Scout is Icelantic’s beginner and grom ski. Gotta kid who you can’t get off of the chairlift? Get him or her a set of Scouts.

9. Gemini –  The Gemini is the off-piste snowboarders dream come true. Think of a snowboard that can be split and used to trek out of bounds in a randonee style. Boom – that’s the Gemini. *Review and pictures coming soon!



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